Robin Tanner

Robin Tanner



We first visited Marathon in late summer.

Hot dry days.

Cold night.

The whole property was dry and sun-baked.

Bleached yellow gold grass, deep fissures and tiny bright pink flowers in

the paddocks .

Dry pale grey lichens and mosses on large rock shelves and tall eucalypts at the top of the hill.

Walking down the fire track bleached white bones and sticks, silence and white sunshine.

Dry creek beds.

This is the picture I have of the land.

This work is a response to this picture.

The colours and textures of late summer.

The sculptural objects I have made for the Marathon Project exhibition are standing alongside the detritus collected from walking the property, bones, sticks, grasses.

These objects are also functional pieces of jewellery.

Brooches made from vitreous enamel, sterling silver and copper.