Robert Boldkald

My time at Marathon was spent mostly walking.

Limited time prevented exploration of the entire property.

Evidence of people and sheep was everywhere.

Even when I couldn’t see a person or a sheep, I knew they had been there.

Both are efficient land shapers.

Both leave well-worn walking tracks.

Both clear the ground, carefully avoiding the thistles.


Diana and Andrew care about the land.

I am grateful there are people who do this – it’s reassuring.

Marathon for me was a place of retreat.

Opportunity to reflect, to walk, to think and breathe more slowly.

It was an escape, but not my reality.

I realise how far removed my life is from farming land.

The land is malleable and changeable.

I saw a lot of evidence of that.


Sheep and people change the land.

Sheep have to be directed.

People direct.