Jessica Dorloff

When invited to take part in the Marathon Project, I realised it was an opportunity to explore a longing I had since childhood. My dream was to leave fences and boundaries behind, making my way up into the Tasmanian wilderness until I became, essentially, lost.

 Inevitably, what struck me most while I searched the Marathon Property landscape was the perception of losing myself. As I made my way into the bush, the thick layers of trees and bracken isolated my senses, cutting me off from all thoughts and sensations related to things beyond the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’. Because of this, my focus was drawn towards those things which could not be documented, only experienced. Feeling a cool breeze lightly touching my face, the rough bark of trees, and the dampness of the soil. Seeing shades of golden light play on a white trunk resting across the river. Sensing the presence of peoples who have gone before through the visual remnants of their history, strewn on the forest floor. Hearing the atmosphere of sounds created by many birds, the shifting and creaking of old trees, and noises made by my own feet as I strode my way through.

 My creative work on the project has been centred on using photography, video, and sound recordings to collect memories and information about these experiences. Once edited and reformed, these materials will become an artwork that attempts to recreate the sense of being in a place of isolation, escape, and ultimately freedom.

This is a combined video artwork by Jessica Dorloff "Marathon Symphony" and Darryl Rogers "Worlds Apart"