Darryl Rogers

Worlds Apart 

The experience of Marathon for me is inextricably linked to the caretakers of the land. Andrew and Diana Cameron are passionate about this country, this land, it oozes as they talk about it.  Marathon the property is a rich natural jewel of hill country, marshy flat land and mountain streams.

 But it is Marathon the idea that intrigues me.  The notion that a large part of this privately owned land could be set aside for time immemorial for the value to simply just be, is remarkable. This is counter to the political and social momentum of the age.

My response to this is currently divergent. I have recorded interviews and discussions amongst my fellow artist and Andrew, I am interested in how we all respond to the land, the people and the idea. The documentary  is subtitled "a work in progress" because it is planned to be ongoing just as the lands regeneration is a work in progress http://themarathonproject.virb.com/about.  At another level I am also interested in the observance of the land as something set apart.

This is a combined video artwork by Jessica Dorloff "Marathon Symphony" and Darryl Rogers "Worlds Apart"