The Marathon Project was first conceived in 2014 by Andrew and Diana Cameron.

With a passion for art, landscape, and conservation, Andrew and Diana wished to gather a selection of artists to create a dialogue around their property and invite them to discover its diversity, complexity, and beauty – traits of the property that Andrew and Diana, an artist herself, have been inspired by for many years.

Diana contacted the Northern Tasmanian Artist-Run-Initiative Sawtooth about potential coordination of the camp and an accompanying exhibition. Then Sawtooth Director, Patrick Sutczak, began coordination duties and The Marathon Project widened its scope to include visual artists, writers, ecologists, thinkers, and theorists for a series of camps and satellite events from 2015 - 2017. 

As of 2018 and with more to come, The Marathon Project has been the catalyst for a number of exhibitions, presentations, public forums, conference papers, and site-based investigations and interventions.

The Marathon Project is a convergence point of which the particpants initiated a conversation with the property, the ecology, the surrounds, the history, and the future of the site.

 Documentary produced by participant Darryl Rogers.